Healing and the Mind: How to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

September 23rd 2019

By: Kristen Harper

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Healing and the Mind. Do you struggle with your health? Have you pursued many avenues to get healthy, however nothing has helped you? Are you unhappy? Does your life seem to be chaotic? Are you having difficulty with your finances?

One of my favorite subjects I like to talk about is letting go of limiting beliefs. One example of a limiting belief is “I am not good enough.” Health is not just affected in a negative way by stress, unhealthy foods, toxins in the environment, and other imbalances. It can be affected by limiting beliefs also. Limiting beliefs can cause unhappiness and financial hardship as well. Many people are not aware of their limiting beliefs. If your life seems to be chaotic and nothing has helped you, there is a strong possibility that limiting beliefs could be in your unconscious mind.

We have two minds, including the unconscious mind (or subconscious mind) and the conscious mind. Limiting beliefs and emotional trauma are stored in the unconscious mind. This means that people are not usually aware of limiting beliefs that are held in their unconscious minds most of the time. Here is a great video by Dr. Deepak Chopra. He talks about the distinction between the conscious mind, unconscious mind, consciousness, brain, and body. You can listen to it Here.

Healing and the Mind: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

What is the best way to let go of limiting beliefs? My two favorite ways to let go of limiting beliefs include meditation and brainwave entrainment. In regards to brainwave entrainment, the brain tends to match its own wave pulses to those sound pulses in the external environment. Meditation and brainwave entrainment bring limiting beliefs from the unconscious mind into conscious awareness. This means you become aware of the limiting beliefs. The more times limiting beliefs are brought up to conscious awareness over a period of time, there is an increased likelihood that they will be eliminated. For example, if the limiting belief “I am not good enough” is brought up to conscious awareness many times throughout a period of time, it has a better chance of being eliminated, rather than just one or a few times. The key is to be consistent. I meditate on a daily basis. I also have implemented brainwave entrainment into my life and listen to sounds on a regular basis. Brainwave entrainment will bring negative memories of past traumas from the unconscious mind into conscious awareness, so that eventually they can be removed.

Healing and the Mind: My Interview

Check out my interview on the Let’s Get Tender Podcast: RHG TV-Network. I was interviewed by Marlene Elizabeth on the Let’s Get Tender Podcast about how limiting beliefs can interfere with your health and financial success. Please watch below:

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